Jan Wall

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Print Gallery
34 Œuvres

This gallery contains prints available from Artmajeur. The prints are excellent, and easily accessible to international buyers. I recommend them to American buyers, as well. Contact me directly if you are interested in a print not found here. Jan Wall, 350-748-3850, California, US.

Current Work
9 Œuvres

Recent work by Jan Wall.

"When Will There Be Good News?"
8 Œuvres

Images from the news, 2011-2014. I started this gallery in 2011, when one disaster after another dominated the news.

Land Marks
27 Œuvres

These are landscapes from the San Francisco Bay Area, places that have helped to shape the lives of all the lucky people who live there. The most current work has been done in Placerville, California, on the west slope of the Sierras. Most are oil on canvas, some with ink or painted with brush and palette knife. Most of these have been done recently, in 2011

Magic Realism
11 Œuvres

A collection of surrealist paintings.

10 Œuvres

Paintings of bears, dogs, owls, and other animals.

Figures and Portraits
29 Œuvres

This gallery presents the portraits and figures that I've painted. Some appear in other contexts, as well as here.

Still Life by Jan Wall
13 Œuvres

A collection of paintings.

34 Œuvres

The paintings in this gallery have been sold, but many of them are available in fine art prints or posters.

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