Jan Wall

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Added May 20, 2014


This painting shows my father in his early twenties. He has just bought the gas station and grocery store in New Deal, Texas, and he's very proud to have escaped his father's farm. The painting shows the bright morning in that harsh country.

I was born there a few years later. I attended Texas Tech, did postgraduate work at UC Berkeley, and taught English on fellowships at Tech and at UCB. I spent a summer at Stanford on a Danforth Fellowship. I was a Josephine Miles Fellow at Berkeley and assistant professor of English as part of that fellowship.

I have taught at Texas Tech, Amarillo College, Laney College in downtown Oakland, California,at UC Berkeley, and at the College of the Virgin Islands. At Laney, where I taught for 40 years, I studied art with Bill Snider, who used the techniques of the Dutch masters to paint Disney characters.

Retirement has given me time to paint in earnest, and to explore different types of paintings, landscapes, news events, surrealism. In September, 2013, Artmajeur honored me with a Silver Award.


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