Jan Wall


Why I Paint

Added Apr 22, 2007

I paint because I can. I love the process, the feel of the oil paints, the way they smell. I do it to learn about artists. Sometimes the best way for me to learn is to copy a painting from an artist who interests me. It give me a different feel for what he's doing, and for how he went about it. So you'll find copies of Old Masters, Impressionists, Georgia O'Keefe, Milton Avery.

Finally, painting is a way of exploring the world, keeping in touch with my eyes and hands and the world, outside and inside. Several of the larger paintings are Surrealist, and give a way between worlds, the world of the imagination and the everyday world, shaping and giving definition and color to ideas and dreams. This work is most particularly my own.

I've painted for fifty years, off and on. Now retirement give me a chance to move from hobby to profession, making painting part of every day, looking for that place where time disappears, where work and play come together, where education and recreation meet, where spirit and matter become one.

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